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The Trusted Wholesale Bread Supplier in Dandenong

Choose GREEK BAKERY as your one stop shop for all your bread supplies. We are a wholesale bread supplier around Dandenong.

Bread, in one form or another, has been one of the main sources of food for man for centuries. In addition, it is the most widely consumed food in the world. There are many reasons that explain its popularity. An important source of carbohydrates, bread is also portable and compact.

The Love of Bread in Greece

Just like in any part of the world, bread in Greece is a staple food item. In fact, to Greeks, a meal without bread is simply not a meal! Every Greek meal is accompanied by some sort of bread. While some like their breads with olives, others prefer them served with cheese, vegetables or soups. The traditional type of bread in Greece is Psomi, a thick and crusty bread. Lighter breads such as Pita are also popular in Greece.

Between Greece and bread is a timeless love affair.

Baking Bread Is Our Passion

If you want to taste the most yummy bread of Greece, come to GREEK BAKERY. Our bread is baked everyday with patience, skill and fresh ingredients. All of our breads are natural and have no preservatives or additives. We believe in giving our customers the very best. Using the finest recipes from Greece, we make bread as it was, hundreds of years ago. We produce large quantities of breads without compromising on quality and taste.

Our breads are always bursting with flavour, texture and taste.

Our Breads Are:

  • Fresh and baked daily
  • High quality
  • Crusty
  • Soft and tender inside
  • Prepared with no preservatives
  • Made with fresh and quality ingredientsĀ 

We are here to make you taste the most flavourful of breads.