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Freshly Baked Bread in Oakleigh

At GREEK BAKERY, we specialise in fresh made breads. We are conveniently located in the heart of Oakleigh.

One of world's oldest food, bread is a staple food item prepared by baking a dough of flour and water with leavening ingredients. From thriving metropolises to developing nations, bread has become an important component of our diet.

Greece and Bread: The Close Relationship

Throughout the world, bread is the very base of our food since millennia and Greece is no exception. In fact, the one constant, the one item that makes a meal a meal in Greece is bread. Be it crusty, topped with sesame seeds or stuffed with olives, some type of bread must be on the table when the Greek people are having food. Bread also plays a symbolic role during religious holidays in Greece. On almost every holiday, a special type of bread is baked.

Whether you are in Greece or in any country around the world, bread is an important part of daily life.

Freshly Baked, Divinely Tasty Breads

At GREEK BAKERY, we insist on the highest standards of work when producing our breads. Our dedicated bakers use quality and fresh ingredients to prepare the most nutritious and best tasting products available. They take pride in every step of the baking process, a Greek tradition that has been passed on through generations. Come and discover the magic that is in the very taste and smell of fresh baked bread. You'll be wanting more of our divine breads.

Committed to baking fresh and crusty bread using traditional recipes.

Different Types of Bread in Greece:

  • Kouloura (Round)
  • Plexouda (Braided)
  • Franzola (Long)
  • Tsoureki (Easter Bread)
  • Pita (Flat, enveloppe style)
  • Christopsomo (Christ's Bread)
  • Vasilopita (New Year's Bread)

We offer a yummy choice of authentic Greek breads and baked goods.