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Try the Tasty Biscuit and Cookies of GREEK BAKERY

Want to taste the best biscuit and cookies of Greece? Well, no need to travel so far when GREEK BAKERY is at your service. Visit us in Oakleigh.

Opened 6 months ago, our bakery specialises in traditional Greek breads, pastries, cakes, biscuits and cookies. Seeing is believing. Here, you'll both see and taste the real flavours of Greece. Come and try our vast assortment of biscuits and cookies.

Nobody Can Refuse a Biscuit or a Cookie

A batch of biscuits or cookies on a plate, with a cup of hot tea is indeed a lovely treat to come home to. Biscuits and cookies are also children's favourites too. Why not treat them to the finest biscuits and cookies of Greece? At GREEK BAKERY, you'll discover a delightful array of biscuit and cookies, ideal for any occasions. Pick up some yummy biscuits or cookies for your next office meeting, holiday celebration or child's birthday party. You can also order in advance for your next private event.

Our biscuits and cookies are ideal for gifts, meetings, celebrations or birthday parties.

Biscuits & Cookies that Look and Taste Good

Fancy some delicious biscuits and cookies? Come try our kourambiedes. Delicate, tender, crumbly and not too sweet, kourambiedes are Greek butter cookies. They are usually made at Christmas time and they are extra delicious and fluffy. Thanks to GREEK BAKERY, every day can be Christmas time with our delectable cookies that melt instantly in your mouth. Our coarse-grained cookie soaked in honey syrup, also known as Melomakarona, are also a must-try!

No need to wait for Christmas to try our honey-soaked cookies.

Our Advantages:

  • Open daily, from 6 am to 6 pm
  • Friendly staff
  • Pleasant atmosphere
  • Fresh ingredients and quality products used
  • Made to order Greek delicacies
  • Affordable prices

Would you like some cookies and biscuits?